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Initial consultation and follow-up visits are provided in our office. A nurse practitioner may be involved in the consultation along with one of our physicians. We try to review previous records, including prior laboratory and x-ray studies. When we have completed our evaluation, we carefully review our findings and recommendations with you. Please feel free to ask questions at any time regarding tests, treatment or other aspects of your care. A full report of our findings and suggested treatment is sent to your referring or primary care physician. 


Many patients who are referred to Southeastern Indiana Gastroenterology, LLC require some type of endoscopic procedure. Endoscopy refers to the use of an instrument (an endoscope) to directly examine the digestive system and to take biopsies from the lining. Certain treatment procedures can also be performed through endoscopy such as controlling gastrointestinal bleeding, growth or polyp removal, removal of bile duct stones, dilation of the esophagus and placement of stents within the bile duct and esophagus. 

These are all outpatient procedures, usually done with sedation so patients feel little if any discomfort. 


Our staff consists of carefully selected and specifically trained individuals in reception, triage, phone, scheduling, medical records, insurance and medical office administration. We work as a team with our physicians to offer courteous, compassionate and professional services to our patients. Caring, helping and listening are our guiding forces. 


As a courtesy to you, our insurance department will file your primary claim. They will file your fees in the office for consultation, follow-up care and any professional fees for the procedures performed. Our insurance staff is specially trained to file and follow up on your insurance coverage. 


Our fees are charged in two primary services:

  • Consultation and office visits are charged to reflect the extent or complexity of the condition which prompts your referral to us. 

  • If an endoscopic procedure is performed, there is a professional fee, which is the physician's charge for performing the procedure.

You should be aware that when your procedure is performed at the hospital, the hospital will charge their fee. In addition, when biopsies are obtained and specimens are sent for tissue analysis, you will receive a separate bill from the pathologists for their services. 

Medicare: We do accept assignment on Medicare. We are paid 80% of a Medicare-approved amount for your charges. You will be expected to pay the remaining 20% of Medicare's approved amount, either with supplementary insurance or personal payment. 

Managed Care Insurance: If you have managed care that requires an authorization from your primary care physician, please bring the authorization at the time of your visit. 

Pre-certification: We will assist you in obtaining appropriate pre-certification for procedures that we schedule. Medicaid: Patients who have Medicaid or qualify for medical assistance must present a current eligibility card on the day of your visit. You will be expected to pay your co-payment, if applicable, on the day of your visit. 

Alternative Payment Plan: If you have specific financial problems or needs, please make us aware of these so that alternative payment systems can be worked out with you at the time of your visit. We do not want the fee itself to deter you from receiving appropriate evaluation and treatment.